What Does A 'Volunteer' Mean?

A Volunteer is someone who offers help for people outside her/his immediate family circle without waiting for a financial reward. Volunteers aim to improve people's quality of life and to achieve goals that are considered to be in the best interest of the society by helping with various activities held by foundations and NGOs.

Volunteering Types

The Wish Capturer
The Wish Capturer is someone who visits wish children at their houses or at the hospital, learns about their dreams and collects helpful information for the Wish Fulfillment Day.
The Wish Fulfiller
Wish Fulfillers carry out the activities on behalf of the organization during the wish waiting period or help organize and implement the program for the Wish Fulfillment Day.
The Specialist
Specialist Volunteers are people who have an academic history and an active career in psychology, clinical psychology or similar fields.
Share-My-Dream Club
If you are a high school or a university student, you can help us by creating The Share-My-Dream Club. By organizing activities and accepting donations on our behalf, you are helping in granting wish children's wishes.
The Supporter at Hospitals
Hospital Supporters pay local hospitals a visit once a month. They work on reaching potential illegible children along with providing information and sharing brochures about our organisation to healthcare professionals.
The Managerial Volunteer
They are volunteers who prefer to work with us at the office. In order to achieve maximum productivity, office volunteers have to be able to work for a minimum of 2 to 3 days a week on any task they choose to help us with.

Volunteering Requirements

  • To be over 18 years old. 
  • Willing to work with children suffering from cancer, organ failure or immune system disorders.
  • Be able to regularly participate in the activities provided by us.

By accepting and respecting the foundation's mission, everyone can be a volunteer at Make-A-Wish Türkiye!

How Can I Become A Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, first fill out the Volunteering Form on our website, then click on the “Volunteer Training" link given in the form and watch the video. Watching the foundation's introductory video is the first step to joining Make-A-Wish as a volunteer.