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What We Do

We work for children with life-threatening diseases
We grant their wishes
We help children experience happy and magical memories
We make a lasting impact on the children’s lives

Make-A-Wish® Türkiye

We aim to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Activity Reports

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The Bylaws

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Wish Journey

1. Wish referral
Every wish story starts with a referral! Wish children are referred to us by their doctors or parents. After that, we examine the reports and their medical condition and accept the applications that meet our eligibility criteria.
2. Wish Capture
We then visit the child and his family, examine the child's living environment and have a private meeting with her/him. We challenge the children's imagination with the magic book and box which help us obtain detailed information about them, what they like, their interests and what they thought was an impossible dream of theirs up until now.
3. Wish Journey
While our wish kid is waiting for her/his wish realization, which lasts from 3 months (as a minimum) up to 6 months (maximum), we send small surprises for them based on their particular areas of interest. During that time we'll also be designing the child's awaited “Wish”.
4. Wish Day
This is the day the one-true-wish will be granted! Our imagination knows no limits! We create hope, strength and joy, showing wish children that anything is possible, including beating the disease.

Teamwork Training

Wish Design Workshop

A training where the employees of the institution create groups and designs to show how wishes are made true. So far, we have provided teamwork training to 20 institutions and 1000 corporate employees, fulfilling over 50 wishes together with the institutions.

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If you’d like to capture and grant wishes, or help support our wish children in any way, please visit our volunteering page.

About Us

We adhere to the principles of transparency and acknowledge the rights of donors, sharing our financial statements in an open manner.

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Protection of Personal Data

Protection of Personal Data

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