Make-A-Wish & Disney Alliance

The unique partnership between Disney and Make-A-Wish Foundation started many years ago with the very first wish granted in 1980.

Disney has supported Make-A-Wish for many years and has since realized more than 140,000 wishes worldwide. This magical partnership between Disney & Make-A-Wish goes even beyond financial support.

The positive impact Disney leaves on our wish children who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses is based on deep understanding of their needs and journey.

International Disney | Make-A-Wish Projects

  • A Visit to Disney Paris With The 'Magic Moments' Event.
  • Wish Fulfillment.
  • Collaborations on Disney's Products. (Wished Upon Products)
  • Fulfilling Wishes to Meet the Cast Members of Disney.
  • Donation Activities.

The relationship between Disney and Make-A-Wish continues to grow each day. With Disney, our Wish Children can visit Disney Paris in the Magic Moments project, they can meet up with their favourite Disney cast members, and they get their wishes granted. The fabulous and magical world that Disney exposes our Wish Children to, can become a reason for children to hold onto life against the diseases they are struggling with.

Wish Granting

At Wish Journeys; Wing Kei's wish to be the Sleeping Beauty has come true.

Raising Money by Selling Disney's Products

From the sale of each Disney Tinker Bell: Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust – Scentsy Warmer, donations were raised for Make-A-Wish children.

Partnership with Disney in Our Country

  • World Wish Day Events.
  • The Painted Mickey Mouse's: An event where some celebrities designed and painted figures of the Mickey Mouse character that were brought from outside the country. Those figures were displayed for sale at the Four Seasons Hotel to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Twelve different fashion designers created their own designs for Disney princesses' dresses. The launch of the event was held at Zorlu Plaza.
  • The wish of one of our Wish Children to become Elsa from Frozen came true in Beşiktak Vodafone Park with the trailer of Frozen 2 movie.