Share-My-Dream Volunteer Project

At Bir Dilek Tut Derneği/Make-A-Wish Foundation Turkey, we realize the once deemed impossible dreams, of children with life-threatening diseases between the ages of 3 to 18.

By realizing the dreams of children struggling with difficult diseases, we are providing them with meaningful, unique experiences that make them stronger in the face of their illnesses.

In the light of the feedback received from our doctors, these experiences contribute with a rate of 72% to the recovery of our children.

Realizing the importance of this, Together, we can create the Share-My-Dream club in your educational institution. Alternatively, you can carry out this project with other suitable clubs that already exist in your college.

Projects You Can Help With

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The contribution added by our educational institutions will be very valuable for our Wish Children. It will also be a big step in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Students are in the most active periods of their lives, and school years are the best years to help in social projects. This project will introduce students to new unique experiences by creating the spark in Wish Children’s lives. Wish Children who are struggling with life-threatening diseases will need every support they can get, and every single one of us could change the life of a child trying to hold on to life.

We have no doubt that our youth is going to make a tremendous contribution while volunteering in this project. Every Share-My-Dream club you can create matters and will make a great difference in our Wish Children’s lives.